How Many Texts You Can Send Before "Looking Clingy”

Waiting to hear back from a partner, friend with benefits, or even a date who doesn’t respond to your text right away can be painful, especially if you let your imagination run wild. But rather than wait around, some people are totally fine with double-texting their S.O. and some even triple-text when they’re feeling frisky. But how many texts can you send before seeming needy? asked 1,000 people about their digital communication habits in their romantic relationships and got the answer for us in their survey. Apparently, after sending a certain number of texts in a row, it does come off as “clingy” or “needy,” and that magic number? Six. That was the answer across the board in the survey. Couples in long-distance relationships, those not in them, both men and women, as well as couples who live together all agree that six consecutive texts hits the mark.

Other juicy tidbits from the survey include texting preferences by gender. As far as “good morning” and “good night” texts go, 42.5% of men and 51.2% of women say they’re important. When it comes to the length of texts, more women prefer their partner sends paragraph-length messages, but on the flip side, men tend to prefer fragment statements across multiple texts.

And finally, it seems some couples have established rules about how long it should take one partner to get back to the other. Men gave a maximum of 3.8-hours for their partner to reply and for the ladies, the average was five hours max.

Source: Elite Daily

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