This Roomba Swears When It Runs Into Stuff

For some people, the best thing to ever be invented was the Roomba. It allows users to sit back and watch Netflix with their feet up while a robotic vacuum roams the floors, cleaning up crumbs and pet hair as it weaves around the clutter. And it is convenient and cool, but now someone made it even better by creating a Roomba that swears when it runs into stuff, just like we do.

Michael Reeves is a software developer who builds crazy, fun robotics for his fans. The engineering genius shows off his cool creations to hisYouTube channel’s1.6-million subscribers and his recent video, “The Roomba that screams when it bumps into stuff,” is some of his best work. Basically, whenever the Roomba runs into a wall or hard surface - which is about every two minutes - it shouts out swear words, the very same way a person does.

Reeves says the “point of the screaming is so that it doesn’t feel like a robot” and feels like “a living creature that’s in pain” instead, but whatever his reasoning is, we’re here for it. It’s great to have a small robot cleaning up your floors for you, but having one that utters “d*mn it” when it bumps into the bar stool leg for the hundredth time? Even better.

Source:Scary Mommy

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