A Woman Was Decapitated While Trying To Free Headphones From Elevator

In a freak incident, a 48-year-old woman had her head severed from her body after it got stuck in an elevator at a plastic manufacturing factory in India.  

Police said Sushila Vishwakarma took the elevator from the ground floor to the top floor when the incident happened. Police suspect that her headphones might have got entangled in the collapsible grill of the elevator lift leading to the accident. The elevator, which is without a roof, is used specifically for carrying goods. Officials are speculating that she was using her phone and absent-mindedly she tried to stick her head outside the lift, which started going up, and the accident happened.  

The police found earphones plugged in the severed head, probably connected to a playlist that was found running on her phone. The case is being considered an accidental death.

Source: New York Post

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