Women Are Getting Treated To Glammograms

There's a new trend in mammograms that may have women calling them glammograms.

Women’s health centers are going for a relaxing, more peaceful experience when patients have to get their mammogram. Some places are definitely putting 100-percent into the effort.

A facility in Minnesota offers women chair massages, a beverage bar, and goodie bags. The mammogram chain Solis creates a calming atmosphere at their facilities with wooden flooring and a color scheme of muted grays, purples and greens.

At Long Island's Smith Haven Mall, the Pure clinic has warmed robes for patients to wear. All of these amenities are aimed at making the patient feel calmer and more comfortable so, hopefully, women will look forward to their annual check instead of putting it off.

The whole idea is to bring women in and make them feel more than comfortable during this sometimes stressful process. Who doesn’t love a spa day?!?

Source: New York Times

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