Nike Is Starting A Subscription Shoe Service For Kids Sneakers

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Going shoe shopping with your kids can be a nightmare and Nike gets it. To help parents avoid those stressful trips to the shoe with little ones in tow, the sneaker company is launching a new subscription service for children’s shoes.

Nike’s “Adventure Club” is geared for two-to 10-year-olds and will offer three tiers of subscription - $20, $30, or $50 a month. Subscribers will get a new pair of Nike sneakers that cost about $50 or more once a month, once every two months, or once every three, depending on which tier you want.

To help clueless moms and dads get the right size for kids with constantly growing feet, the subscription box will include a fridge magnet sizing chart so parents can measure. In their pilot program of 10,000 members, Nike says only a small proportion (about 15%) order the wrong size the first time, but they allow you to order the new pair immediately, even before you have to send the wrong size back.

In exchange for the convenience of kids shoes delivered to your door monthly or quarterly, Nike is hoping for brand loyalty. Dave Cobban, Nike’s “Adventure Club” manager, explains, “Solving the need for parents with kids aged two to 10 means that we are going to start building relationships through kids.”

Source: New York Post

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