Coffee Addicts, You Could Get Paid $1k To Do What You Love

A company that works to support small-business ventures is on the hunt for a coffee-loving candidate to sip lattes, espresso or any coffee drink they prefer and they’ll pay $1,000 for the gig. Of course, there’s a catch (there’s always a catch) – and this one may be a deal-breaker. You can’t get your caffeine fix from any “corporate coffee shops” you may regularly frequent, like Starbucks or Dunkin’. says they’ll pay a “self-professed Starbucks junkie” to ditch them for a full month and get their cuppa Joe at locally owned coffee shops instead. Still interested?

For the job, you’ll have to visit at least eight locally-owned coffee shops over the course of the month, snap photos of your orders, document “key metrics” and write up summaries of the visits. They’ll even give you part of the pay ($250) up front so you can buy the drinks and then you get the rest at the end of the month. There are “no drug tests or background checks required,” and they’re taking applications through September 30th.

Source: Fox News