FULL SHOW: The Day We Enjoy the Little Things

You Punched a Hold in the Wall on Vacation

Lila and her husband just got back from a great vacation, so Danielle calls the husband saying he punched a hole in the wall and owes money for damages!

AI & The Productivity Paradox

In a rapidly evolving world, we need to balance the fear surrounding AI and its role in the workplace with its potential to drive productivity growth. In this special live episode of Smart Talks with IBM, Malcolm Gladwell is joined onstage during NY Tech Week by Rob Thomas, Senior Vice President of Software and Chief Commercial Officer at IBM. They discuss “the productivity paradox”, the importance of open source AI, and a future where AI will touch every industry. 

This is a paid advertisement from IBM. The conversations on this podcast don't necessarily represent IBM's positions, strategies or opinions.

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Jared and Genevieve Padalecki of Supernatural/Walker

This week, Tommy is joined by acting powerhouses Jared Padalecki and Genevieve Padalecki for a rare joint interview. Jared is of course best known for his iconic role as Sam Winchester on the CW series Supernatural which ran for an incredible 15 seasons. He first gained national attention playing Rory’s charming and loyal boyfriend Dean on Gilmore Girls. Fast forward to today, he developed and stars in Walker on the CW which is airing its series finale on June 26th. His beautiful wife Gen is best known for her starring roles on the ABC Family series Wildfire, and of course the legendary Supernatural. She just finished playing Emily alongside her husband in Walker. Today Jared and Gen open up about how it has been processing the end of a show that means so much to them, what they have most learned about themselves through doing the series Walker, growing up on television in front of the world for most of their lives, the ways in which they work towards keeping their commitment and marriage strong while balancing demand jobs and a busy family life, what would make Jared say yes to a Supernatural reboot, their biggest personal and professional dreams, the importance of paying attention to our mental health, one of the most embarrassing things that has ever happened to Gen, and so much more. 

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The Backstory: Brando family: Drugs, murder, and Academy Awards

He was an Academy Award-winning mega movie star. He had scores of affairs with women and men, 11 children by a variety of women, and a family story dominated by illness, mental illness, addiction…and murder. 

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Digging You an Inground Pool

Kevin's wife wants a pool put in but he's not so sure....so Garrett calls him as the guy currently digging the pool.

FULL SHOW: The Day We Changed Lives

With all of the advice we give, we want to know how our advice has changed your lives... for better or worse. Plus, we discuss throwing people you love in the slammer!

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FULL SHOW: The Day We Played Hot Songs!

Since most of the country is experiencing a historical heat wave, what better way to celebrate than with HOT songs?! We review the 23 things that a woman in her 60s regrets, PLUS what would it be like to have sex with a ghost?!

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Around the Room: Nate Drove Around the World

Sam knocked something off her bucket list, Nate has driven around the world, Skeery reached a milestone, Froggy’s dog is losing a toe, Danielle has beef with press conference questions, and Gandhi apologizes to Nate.

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Daily Highlight: It's Hot and We Have Cannolis!

How do you cool your car down during this heat wave? We eat cannolis!

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